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There is a good reason why almost half of the best paid 50 writers in the USA are business and direct response copywriters.

Everyday your business is sending out hundreds if not thousands of words of written text. This may be in the form of  new web pages, online blogs, social media posts, online and offline advertisements, product brochures, leaflets, direct mail, press releases and many more.

By making very subtle changes to your copy, your business can dramatically increase your response rate and boost your return on investment. However very few businesses ever take the time to learn the simple skills and rules of good copywriting for business.

We offer one day training courses or workshops which covers everything your business needs to know about copywriting.

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Why your business needs better copywriting skills -:

  • Each day your business is generating hundreds or maybe thousands of words of copy.
  • You are paying your staff to produce this copy, and probably also paying for this copy to be distributed to your clients or target clients.
  • You can increase your response rate and ROI by learning the basic skills and rules of commercial copywriting.
  • Its absolutely crucial your copy speaks to as many people as possible all the time.

We can help your  team to create better, more engaging and informative copy for your websites and other forms of marketing material. The commercial copywriting rules and skills are easy to learn and implement, and using them can have a dramatic effect on your ROI. However very few businesses ever take the time to learn these crucial basic rules and skills.

All of our copywriting sessions are tailor made for you and your organisation, and we will use real and live copywriting examples from your business and your competitors. Before we train your team, we will ensure we understand your business culture, your unique messaging and style so we can give practical, realistic guidance and solutions. We do this so you get the right training for your business and your people, and you get the “return on investment” you are looking for.

Richard Morgan Grumbolds People Development and Business Growth ConsultantAbout Grumbolds

Grumbolds is owned by Richard Morgan who has worked for 13 years as a trader for HSBC and ING Investment Banks in the City of London. He has also owned his own event management businesses (built from his spare bedroom to sale to a venture capital company) so has been personally responsible for building and leading his own successful business.

Richard will bring his unique blend of academic theory and real life experience to his fun, dynamic and highly participative training sessions and your organisation will be better placed to create an environment where your staff thrive.

Types of things we cover

  • Golden rules of copywriting.
  • The two most important words in copywriting and why you should always use them.
  • Difference between styles needed in online and offline copywriting.
  • The different types of consumers of your copy, and how you attract them all at the same time.
  • The importance of structure to your copy.
  • The importance of your title and introduction.
  • Understanding how copywriting integrates and impacts on SEO.
  • The six step process to writing great business copy.
  • Ideal length of your copy in the Twitter age.
  • Linking in testimonials and reviews into your copy.

Please remember, all out training is tailor made for you and your business.

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