Leadership and Management Skills Training

A highly skilled leadership team is crucial if you want your company to succeed.

At Grumbolds we offer bespoke, tailor made, in house leadership and management training and coaching which will give your people the knowledge and skills they need to become extraordinary business leaders.

We offer a range of training and coaching to support your leadership team, high potential people, graduates or your emerging managers.

We offer a range of flexible solutions from one day, two day, three day, one week or continuous ongoing leadership & management training & coaching.

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Leadership & Management Training & Coaching -:

  • Your company will never outgrow the skills and talents of your leadership team. Investing in your leadership team is crucial.
  • Our trainer knows the theory, but also has a proven track record of building his own business and leading large organisations.
  • Totally flexible, bespoke training or coaching solutions.
  • We’ll work with you to understand exactly how to meet your needs.

We can help your  leadership team grow and improve their skills. Investing time and effort developing the skills of your leadership team is possibly the most important thing you can do to improve your company.

All of our Leadership and management training or coaching sessions are tailor made for you and your organisation. We will use real and relevant examples from your business and your competitors. Before we train your team, we will ensure we understand your business culture, your unique messaging and style so we can give practical, realistic guidance and solutions. We do this so you get the right training for your business and your people, and you get the “return on investment” you are looking for.

Richard Morgan Grumbolds People Development and Business Growth ConsultantAbout Grumbolds

Grumbolds is owned by Richard Morgan who has worked for 13 years as a trader for HSBC and ING Investment Banks in the City of London. He has also owned his own event management businesses (built from his spare bedroom to sale to a venture capital company) so has been personally responsible for building and leading his own successful business. In his spare time, Richard is leader of one of the largest voluntary organisations in Gloucestershire so he has direct, real world experience.

Richard will bring his unique blend of academic theory and real life experience to his fun, dynamic and highly participative training sessions and your organisation will be better placed to create an environment where your staff thrive.

Types of things we cover

  • Management vs Leadership
  • Key responsibilities of a leader and a manager.
  • Key leadership skills.
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Rapport building and the Rapport Triangle.
  • Emotional Intelligence.
  • 5 Levels of Leadership (John Maxwell)
  • Listening and Questioning skills.
  • The Chimp Paradox (Dr Steve Peters).
  • Motivation Techniques.
  • Team development skills.
  • How to build and recruit the right team.
  • Push & Pull Behaviors.
  • Leadership planning and vision.
  • Action Centered Leadership (John Adair).
  • Situational Leadership (Hersey & Blanchard).
  • Future of Leadership and how Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning will impact.

Please remember, all out training is tailor made for you and your business.

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