Give us one hour a day for five days and you can master LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has previously been viewed as a recruitment tool, but its now moved into the biggest directory of people in key positions in the world, and made it easy for you to make contact with these people and showcase what you can do.

Only £99 per person – that’s less than £20 per day to learn the skills you need to get FREE leads and clients for your business on a regular consistent basis.

Five Day LinkedIn Masterclass – One Hour a Day for Five Days specifically designed for Small Business Owners

If your company is business to business, then LinkedIn should be at the centre of your sales and marketing strategy. Furthermore, if used correctly, LinkedIn will become a regular and consistent provider of new clients and revenue for you and your business.

LinkedIn has previously been viewed as a recruitment tool, but its now moved into the biggest directory of people in key positions in the world, and made it easy for you to make contact with these people and showcase what you can do. However LinkedIn is different to most social media platforms and to make it work you need to understand its subtilties and unique characteristics. If you approach LinkedIn like a bull in a china shop, it wont work for you and you will fail.

LinkedIn takes time and effort to make the contacts, produce the right sort of content, nurture and grow the relationship with your prospects before you can eventually move the conversation off LinkedIn and into the real world and start making the sales. LinkedIn is not a get rich quick platform, but when its used right it can provide unlimited and consistent new leads for your business. And the best thing is, that these leads and contacts are FREE as long as you are willing to give up your time and effort to get them.

In this online programme we spend 1 hour a day for five days learning about LinkedIn and how to make it work for you. Each day is a mixture of a training video, and then an implementation worksheet so you can take-action as we go along and execute the changes you need to make LinkedIn work for you.

This is a practical programme where you take simultaneous action alongside understanding the theory.


In today’s video we discuss your personal profile and also give you the golden rules of LinkedIn and the mindset you need to make LinkedIn a success for you.

In todays worksheet, we give to a list of tasks to complete to make sure your profile is fit for purpose.


In today’s video you learn about the importance of pinpointing your idea target client and identifying your clients current needs, desires, and problems. You also learn about industry groups and

In todays worksheet we give you an exercise which will help you identify your target clients, and task you with joining some specific industry groups and researching what types of posts gain traction and those which don’t.


In todays video we explore how you find your target and start building your network using LinkedIn and Sales Navigator.

In todays worksheet we task you with reaching out and making 30 new contacts, and how to immediately start relationship building.


In todays video we discuss you can engage with your clients using the LinkedIn platform and how you can quickly start producing amazing content which your connections will find interesting and informative.

In today’s worksheet you will start building your core content which can be repurposed and used again and again.


In todays video we will discuss how to move the conversation offline and how you can start closing sales. We will also explore your LinkedIn business page and explore LinkedIn ads and discuss if you should be using them or not.

In todays worksheet we practice the best way in taking conversations offline, and if relevant we also build a business page and test our first LinkedIn advertisements.

About your trainer Richard Morgan

Richard Morgan Grumbolds People Development and Business Growth ConsultantAs founder of Grumbolds, Richard is absolutely committed to giving our clients a fantastic level of service and professional coaching, mentoring and training which importantly offers a tangible return on investment.

Richard has worked for 13 years as a Global Derivatives Trader and European M&A Sales Trader for two of Europe’s leading investment banks (HSBC & ING).

In 2010 he started two businesses, taking them from start up to sale to a venture capital company in 2017.

Richard has worked in a front line business, sales and product development roles for his entire adult life. He has experienced the highs and lows of being and entrepreneur and running his own business and worked in larger organisations in senior leadership roles.

Richard is passionate about helping people to develop their skills and helping business owners reach their targets. He is now a qualified Business Growth & People Development Consultant working with all types of businesses to help develop their people and grow their businesses.

He is uniquely placed to help you on your entrepreneurial journey, and has a gift for articulating very complex subjects in a direct, easy to understand way.

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