Stress & Mental Health in the Workplace Training

In the modern-day workplace, there is no question that stress is a major issue both for individuals and for organisations. Unchecked, it can lead to both physical and mental health problems for your staff, and significant losses for your business through sickness absence and falling productivity.

We can provide you with tailor made training courses to increase awareness of stress and give your people the confidence and tools they need to prosper in your business environment.

We can adjust our training to be aimed at your business leaders (the environment they should try and create and their legal obligations), or at your staff (helping them understand what stress is and give them the tools & techniques to manage it).

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High levels of stress in the workplace can lead to:

  • Poor decision-making by the individuals you employ.
  • An increase in mistakes, which in turn may lead to customer or client complaints. This is likely to produce more stress.
  • Increased sickness and absence, which results in lower productivity and ongoing costs to your organisation.
  • High staff turnover which costs your business more money for recruitment and training.
  • Poor employee/workplace relationships.

We can help your leadership team to create a better, more professional and productive working environment for your staff. We can also help train your individual staff members to understand more about stress, how to spot it, deal with it and manage it. We can pass on proven tools and techniques to monitor and reduce workplace stress.

All of our sessions are tailor made for you and your organisation. Before we train, we ensure we understand your business culture and style so we can give practical, realistic guidance and solutions. We do this so you get the right training for your people, and you get the “return on investment” you are looking for.

Richard Morgan Grumbolds People Development and Business Growth ConsultantAbout our trainer

Richard Morgan is a fully qualified Workplace Stress Consultant and has completed “Stress Management Coaching and Consultancy Professional (Advanced) Level 4 Diploma”.

In addition to his academic qualifications, Richard has worked for 13 years as a trader for HSBC and ING Investment Banks in the City of London (considered by many to be one of the most stressful working environments). He has also owned his own event management businesses (built from his spare bedroom to sale to a venture capital company) so has been personally responsible for building his own team and creating the right working environment for his staff.

Richard will bring his unique blend of academic theory and real life experience to his fun, dynamic and highly participative training sessions and your organisation will be better placed to create an environment where your staff thrive.

Types of things we cover

  • Definition of stress and how is stress different to pressure or anxiety.
  • The stages of stress and how to spot them in yourself and in others.
  • How operating under stress will effect your performance.
  • The potential side effects of stress and long term health risks.
  • Potential causes of stress & pressure in the workplace.
  • Understanding personality types and why some people deal with stress differently to others.
  • Stress management strategies and targets.
  • Workplace stability zones and rituals.
  • Lifestyle techniques to combat stress (at home and in the workplace).
  • Employers duty to their employees (Section 2 of Health & Safety Work Act)

Please remember, all out training is tailor made for you and your business.

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