Understanding Budgets and Controlling your Costs

Ideal training for any of your staff who need a basic understanding of budgets or have responsibility for keeping your costs under control.

Can be delivered online (3x 3 hour zoom sessions) or one day face-to-face classroom style training.

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Understanding Budgets and Controlling your Costs Training:

  • Sales has changed significantly over the last ten years, and is set for further change in the years ahead.
  • We offer 1, 2 or 3 day sales courses aimed at your leadership team or your sales team.
  • All of our training is bespoke and tailor made for your organisation, your culture, your people and your products and services.
  • We help already integrated sales teams improve their performance and close more business.
  • Our sessions are fun, friendly, interactive and will re-invigorate your teams passion for sales!
  • Sessions or workshops carried out at your location or at a location arranged by you.

Before each session we will work with you to understand your current sales process and technique. All of our sessions are bespoke and tailor made for you and your organisation and will reinforce your sales method (consultative selling, solution selling etc). We will train or coach your sales team to improve performance while guaranteeing our sessions are specifically relevant to your company and offer you a tangible return on investment.

Types of things we cover

  • The different types of sales methodologies, including Solution Selling, Consultative Selling, S.P.I.N, N.E.A.T and many other methods.
  • Your customers four behavior types and how you should adapt and interact with them.
  • What type of sales person are you and what are your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Objection handling including price objections.
  • How to use questioning techniques to get the information you need.
  • Selling yourself.
  • Sales process, your pipeline and team structure & organisation.
  • How to stay motivated, have the right attitude and the importance of always taking action.
  • Modern techniques for finding leads and contacts.
  • When you need to cold call and how to do it.
  • Relationship management.
  • How modern technology is changing sales and trends for the next 10 years.

Please remember, all out training is tailor made for you and your business.

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